Said farewell to Steph and Moira, then dropped Pete off to collect a hire car while I bravely drove our beloved Miouwbus back to the depot. Even managed to reverse into a parking spot! Waited for Pete to arrive with the car, and waited, and waited … he must have done a bunk, thwarted immigration and found a way of staying in Oz!
We bade farewell to our little Miouwbus, who had looked after us so well for 4500 km. And no, we weren’t the only ones to name the motorhome!
Hired a car for the rest of the day and headed south to Mandurah. Spotted a flock of pelicans flying over us.
Spent a couple of hours in Mandurah, then ended up back at Moira’s for a final cuppa!
At the airport security was tight and we were both frisked for explosives.
Now its 8.20 pm and we are being dragged kicking and screaming out of the country.Two sad, reluctant travellers, heading back to cold, rainy Blighty, but hey, no worries mate,


Last day

A day of packing cases and cleaning Miouwbus ready for our departure tomorrow.
Moira and Liam came over to Steph’s and we all enjoyed a final meal together – a lovely end to our holiday.

Perth city

Took Miouwbus in to have a new windscreen fitted, and caught the bus into Perth. Visited the Perth Mint and watched a gold bar being poured. Bits of gold flew off whilst it was being poured but we didn’t manage to pick any up!
Went to London arcade, a cross between The Shambles and old London, although it’s only about 20 years old.
Had a nice sightseeing tour of Perth on the free bus.
Back at Steph’s for our last few days.




Miouwbus cracks under the pressure

Discovered a large crack in the windscreen, over 12 inches long! Grew at the rate of over 1 cm per 100 km – good job our final destination of Perth was only 350 km away.
Took a final look at Wave Rock, then went to Mulka’s cave, site of aborigine handprints and legends.
Staying just outside Perth, handy for tomorrow’s visit to the repair depot!



York WA

First visit of the day was to York on banks of river Avon, Western Australia’s oldest inland town.
Next stop – Beverley.
We were lucky to see an echidna cross the road in front of us.
Overnight at Wave Rock, 340 km east
of Perth, in the heart of the wheat plains. Late afternoon stroll around the rock and came across a roo with her joey.
Flies are a pain – put our mosi nets to good use!