Bryce Canyon

Into the park bright and early. Very foggy at the top, but as we trekked down towards the Peek-a-Boo trail, we were teased by glimpses of the hoodoos in the murk. The fog lifted and we were in the middle of the most amazing rock pillars. We were virtually alone, it was beautiful. 






 The climb up out of the canyon was steady and easy. By now it was starting to rain, and we were lucky to find one of the few places in the park to get a coffee. Then I spotted the horserides desk! A ride was about to set off, so I went too. My mount was Paris, a mule, and she had a habit of walking right next to the edge! We rode into a part of the park where we hadn’t walked and it was just as spectacular. 


 Another great day – moving to Zion tomorrow.