Heading to Zion

Well it’s been an interesting day! We took the upper route across to Zion, as we had been warned about the switchbacks and tunnel on the alternative road. I spotted a bit of snow in amongst the trees, which got more widespread. The snowplough should have been the warning!  



 We stopped at a viewpoint and got chatting to a nice couple. They recommended avoiding the main Zion Park, with it being Memorial Weekend and visit the quieter Kolob Canyon, still part of Zion, and do the Taylor Creek trail to the Natural Arch. ‘You’ll cross the creek a coupl’a times, but there’s lots of stepping stones, it’s not a problem ‘ So that’s what we did. I’m not kidding, we crossed that creek over 50 times in the 6km hike to the Arch, which was actually a cave, and very pretty.  

The creek crossings were pretty easy, and Pete dropped a few rocks in to make it easier in the deeper sections.We had a welcome sit and cuppa at the cave then set off back. We were pleased to see that the creek level had dropped considerably in a short time, as Pete’s rocks were now more exposed.  Our joy was short lived as we turned a corner to find other hikers contemplating a deep pool. Some lads were climbing a steep slippery section of rock and we thought ‘how silly’, then we realised why. What had been a shallow crossing at a boulder fall had become a dam in the space of 30 minutes. We either took the dangerous scramble or waded through! We watched a couple of people wade, and decided that was the best option. Fortunately it was sandy, and the cold water soon numbed our feet so we couldn’t feel anything anyway!    


The rest of the hike was uneventful and we set off on the final part of today’s journey to Zion River RV resort, and very nice it is too. Good wifi and a few beers, wet socks drying in the sun. 

First view of Zion: