Death Valley

Interesting start to the day. Up early, as is becoming the norm. Packed and spruced up The Beast, then set off in Las Vegas rush hour traffic to collect the hire car, before dropping off the RV. Oops, Hertz have moved! Fortunately just a few miles away. Found the place, but they hadn’t got the car we booked, claimed they had no big cars and offered us a small car. No way would our cases fit in that. We were politely assertive, and got a free upgrade to what she called a mini van – we called it a people carrier. I set off on my own to drive to the RV depot with Pete following behind in the Beast. I had tried to memorise the route, but missed the turning! I saw the RV in my mirror, happily heading back to the depot, while I was driving satnav-less into the depths of Las Vegas! All on my own! Help! Fortunately I found a spot to turn round and was soon back on the right road. 

Eventually we were on our way, relieved to leave Las Vegas behind, heading into the unknown that is Death Valley. Names like Funeral Mountain and Devil’s Garden did nothing to encourage us. The temperature climbed, over 90 degs. We detoured to Dante View. A long climb up a narrow road, but WOW! We were rewarded by fantastic views of the Badwater Basin – massive salt flats, 80m below sea level.   

  Next stop was Zabrinski. Amazing coloured rocks. We were just in awe, never seen anything like it.  


The temperature was climbing and peaked at 106 F! We descended to 78 m below sea level.  

  A quick stop at Furnace Creek resort, a much needed cold drink and ice cream before the last 30 miles to our hotel – Stovepipe Wells. We had a lovely dip in the pool, which surprisingly is heated. 

Today has been amazing. The desert is beautiful beyond words. Hot, windy, but what an experience.