Death Valley to Bakersfield 

Stepping out of our room yesterday was like stepping into a hot oven – a blast of hot air. It was a lovely sunset too. 

 It was only 80 degs when we set off this morning after a comfortable night. We were relieved that we didn’t discover the numerous Blackman beetles until we drew the curtains- apparently it is the season for them. 

Today we were leaving Death Valley, heading to an overnight stop at Bakersfield. We drove from near sea level up to 5000 feet, back down then back up again. Warning signs on the roadside told us to turn the aircon off – fortunately it wasn’t too hot yet. We stopped at Father Crowley Viewpoint, where the lava flows changed to rainbow coloured rock. It is an area used by U.S. jets for low level flying training and we witnessed two jets fly low and fast down the narrow canyon beneath us. Sadly we didn’t have the camera ready. 

We then approached Owens Lake, with snow capped mountains beyond. It’s strange to think that our accommodation in Sequoia is just over that mountain range, about 30 miles away, but we would be driving nearly 200 miles.  America’s highest point is in that range, just 80 miles from it’s lowest point at Badwater Basin.

   Found a lovely rustic western cafe for a much needed cuppa, apple pie and lemon meringue pie!  


Back on the road again to Bakersfield. We decided to take the scenic route through Sequoia Forest Park, and it was worth it. The desert scenery changed to rocky mountainous views, with a lengthy, slightly hairy, twisting descent. Lovely views of a lake enroute, and an ice cream stop at the quaintest shop you’ve ever seen, a sign saying no photos was the warning! It was like stepping back in time.  


Now we are at an Airbnb in Bakersfield. Lovely place, everything we could ask for, including wifi! Time to find some food!