Had a lovely time at the AirBnb, great value, really comfortable. As we left Bakersfield we saw acres and acres of fruit trees and vines – oranges, apricots, walnuts and grapes. But within a few miles, the fruit trees were interspersed with ‘nodding donkeys’ , apparently the area is a productive oil field.  

  It was a relatively short drive today, and we were soon approaching Sequoia. At tunnel rock we were glad we didn’t have the RV any longer!  

    Took this photo of a granite outcrop, not realising we would later be climbing it!  

 Our first encounter with the giant Redwoods that Sequoia is famous for – they are truly spectacular!  

  View from the top of Mora Rock. And looking down at the hairpin bends that were a real white knuckle ride! 

    We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re not scared! Sadly we didn’t see one.  

Next stop was The General Sherman tree – officially the biggest tree in the world. Not the tallest, but biggest mass of trunk. It was huge! 

   Lots of the trees had lightening damage. 


The journey back along those hairpin bends was ‘interesting ‘ to say the least! Even the Satnav struggled!


Tonight we are at another AirBnB, this time a small apartment. Sat on the patio near the pool with a glass of wine watching humming birds and soaking up the view. This is the life!