Kings Canyon 

Breakfast on the deck today, admiring the mountains and watching woodpeckers and humming birds. It was hard to set off for the short but lengthy drive to Kings Canyon, I could have stayed here all day!  

   We decided to avoid the hairpin bends in Sequoia and took a different road. It wasn’t long before we were lost in the maze of fruit trees. Road signs had been non-existent, even in the town where we wanted to turn right. The satnav didn’t really help, fortunately we had 4G so could use the iPhone maps. That put us on the right road. So much for avoiding the bends – this road was almost as bad, down to 15mph for nearly 20 miles! But we made it, and the views were just as stunning. Although I wasn’t impressed when I saw the road disappearing round yet more hairpins into the depths of the canyon!  

 We stopped for lunch at Grizzly Falls – good job we’d packed butties and a flask as food was non-existent!  

 On to Roads End, literally. We walked for half an hour along Copper Canyon trail, climbing steeply all the time. There wasn’t a soul about except us. The views were fantastic.  

    Made our way back, stopping to admire General Grant, another huge Seqoia tree at over 268 feet high, 40 feet wide and 1700 years old! Saw chipmunks and Mule Deer. These trees are amazing – so massive, I love them. 

     In an attempt to avoid the bends we took another route back – still lots of bends but not so sharp. It was a long way round though. Supper at a Pizza Factory, before enjoying the last of the sun and wine on the deck – excellent!