Yosemite waterfalls walk

The ranger in the visitor centre said this was a nice walk, it didn’t look too long, so we thought we’d do it in the morning and explore elsewhere afterwards. It was called the Mist Trail, up to Vernal Falls. It was a tough walk up rocky paths and it certainly lived up to it’s name. By the time we reached the top we were pretty wet, but wow! That’s what I call a waterfall!  



 We decided to continue on up the trail to Nevada Falls. A long steep climb, but again, absolutely fantastic views at the top. The power of the water had to be seen to be believed.  




 We had climbed over 2000 feet, my watch said 5 miles, but the Trail signs said a lot less. Our legs said my watch was right! What goes up has to come down, and it was a long way. We took the John Muir trail, which was less rocky, but steep none the less. 

We had a quick look round the somewhat uninspiring Yosemite Village, had a bite to eat, then set off back. Stopped at a viewpoint to take a photo of Half Dome – Abbi climbed it a few years ago. 


On our way back we came across this little beauty:  

 Did I mention we also saw this? 

    We’ve had a fantastic day, and achieved our dream of seeing truly wild bears and rattle snakes. The photos on the camera are brilliant, much better but at least I did get some on the iPhone too.