Glacier Point

Our last day in Yosemite. Drove to Glacier Point – at over 7200 feet it afforded amazing views over Yosemite. It was fantastic to see Vernal and Nevada waterfalls that we had hiked to on Sunday. The 3000 feet sheer drop into Yosemite Valley was amazing.  




We walked to Sentinal Dome and climbed the granite sides to the top.  

 360 deg views! We had lunch and spent ages chatting to a couple from Bristol.  

      We then walked through forest trails to Taft Point. A couple of deer were grazing right next to the track and weren’t bothered by us approaching at all. 

Being Spring, there were lots of wild flowers. I had seen some strange red flowers on the roadside, only a few, they were Snow Plants and apparently only grow in a few areas in Yosemite. I spotted one on our walk:

We had another stop along the trail to chat to another couple from Barnsley. They were considering renting an RV for a trip to New Zealand so were happily picking our brains. 

Taft Point was another fantastic viewpoint. We stood on the edge of the sheer drop and just soaked up the scenery.  



Yep, we’re right on the edge – it’s a long way down!

 Not a long walk by any means, but over 1600 feet of ascent in the thin air was pretty tiring. 

The car needed fuel, urgently, so we drove the 35 miles down to the nearest town and filled the car, then ourselves. Found a lovely steakhouse! 

Back to the B and B, polish off the wine, then pack. Heading west to the coast tomorrow.