Pacific Coast

Full table at breakfast this morning. We thought it strange at first, everyone sitting down at the same time – a bit regimented for a holiday, but it was actually very nice. Everyone shared stories about where they’d been, who’d seen bears and other wildlife. Mary Kay had been making a different cooked breakfast each day but accepted our request for more of her tasty pancakes! 

It was a 200 mile drive to the coast today, and after a couple of hours we were looking out for a driver change and coffee stop. Towns/villages were few and far between. We pulled into one. The centre of the road had a newly built library and fire station but the supermarket and houses either side were old and run down, not the sort of place we wanted to stop. The next place was just the same – new library, run down area. Fortunately we came across a freeway intersection and there was the usual selection of MacDonalds, Denny’s and Starbucks. It was a bit of a Wild West lookalike place! 

   As we got nearer to the coast we entered serious vineyard country. Miles upon miles of vines, with affluent ranches on hilltops. We passed numerous signs offering tours and tastings. 

We arrived at the coast – what a contrast in temperature! Had to put a jumper on, the wind was straight off the sea. Had a short walk along the coastal path and saw some seals on the rocks.  

    Nice hotel, lovely room, sea view, and a gas fire! 

    Found a fantastic restaurant for our meal – pan fried duck, delicious. Chocolate mousse torte for pud, and I forgot to photograph it!!