Highway 1 – Pacific Coast Road

Pulled our warmer clothes out of the depths of the suitcase this morning as the temperature on the coast is considerably cooler. First stop was an Elephant Seal colony. They have been laid up on the beach for the last month whilst they are moulting. The males were noisy and argumentative whilst the females just slept.  

    Quick coffee stop a bit further on at Whale Watch cafe. We didn’t see any! 

The road hugged the coast and climbed high above the sea. Views weren’t great as it was a bit misty. We did spot vultures though.  

 Stopped in Carmel. A very swish area, full of boutique style shops, antique shops and expensive art galleries. A quick peep in the estate agents window showed properties at well over $1.5 million! We did find a very nice cafe selling very nice cakes… 

    Our hotel was just 10 minutes away in Monterey. Bit of a contrast, nice beach but the usual tacky touristy stuff. Had fish and chips for tea in a London pub! Tomorrow we drive to San Jose and prepare for Saturday’s half marathon. There hasn’t been much running done recently so looks like it will be a slow one!