San Jose

Just a short drive again today. Continued along Highway 1 to Santa Cruz. Took the scenic coast road. Came across loads of surfers, not a lot of waves though, then spotted the Pelicans that we had come to see. Sadly they weren’t diving into the sea as we had hoped, but we did see several fly overhead, in grey skies, and lots were perched on rocks with the cormorants. 



 Drove to Campbell, a pleasant suburb near San Jose, where we are staying in a very nice Airbnb for the next 2 nights. Collected our race numbers ready for tomorrow then made a bee-line for the pool! Nice and warm! After the grey skies and chill of the coast, it’s good to be back in the heat! 

    Sussed out the route to the start of the race, no probs, but getting back was not so easy. Very confusing interchanges on the freeway meant we went round in circles for a while! Got back in the end! Early night – up at 5am!